5 Heart Health Tips In Honor Of National Wear Red Day

Spending hours lounging in front of a screen, binge eating to cope with stress, consuming fast food every hour seems like a super plan but may hurt the heart.

Spending hours lounging in front of a screen, binge eating to cope with stress, consuming fast food every hour seems like a super plan but may hurt the heart. 

Heart diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide, for both men and women – but are preventable through healthy lifestyle choices. 

On this national wear red day, adopt these healthy habits to keep your ticker going strong. 


Foods contain two types of fats; healthy fats and unhealthy fats. One can consume healthy fats from foods such as vegetables, nuts, fish, and seeds. Such food consumption can reduce the risks of having heart disease, lower harmful cholesterol levels, and increase adequate cholesterol levels. 

The best fat to consume is Omega-3, which can help strengthen heart muscles and cause them to beat in a steady rhythm. 

One fat we don’t need is saturated fat or unhealthy fat, which increases your risk of developing heart disease. It clogs your arteries by raising bad cholesterol levels (LDL) and pushing down good cholesterol levels (HDL) in your body. 

By avoiding them, you can boost the blood flow throughout your body. So, ignore food such as butter, margarine, dairy fats, ghee, and processed foods such as pies, pastries, and cakes – all such foods increase cholesterol levels. 


Wait, how is dental hygiene supposed to keep the heart in good shape? 

As per some studies, the bacteria that causes gum disease can also increase heart disease risk. So, maintaining good dental hygiene reduces the body’s inflammatory response, which reduces cardiovascular diseases. 


Getting the right amount of sleep is essential for your body to perform at its full potential without stressing your organs, especially the heart. Not getting regular enough sleep keeps you at a higher risk for cardiovascular disease, no matter how old you are or how healthy your lifestyle is. 

Sleeping is the time your body repairs and replenishes itself. 

If you can dedicate time to recharge your phone, then why ignore your body? 


No matter how long you exercise, if you sit at one spot for extensive hours, it will hurt your heart. 

A sedentary lifestyle causes stress on your heart as you sit in one place all day, which is associated with an increase in cardiovascular diseases and an overall increased risk of death from any cause. Make it a habit to move frequently and take breaks to stretch your legs if you work at a desk. 

Don’t make work an excuse to be lazy. 


Maintain distance from anything that can harm you or your body. 

Both passive and active smoking has proven to be a significant cause of coronary heart disease that leads to heart attacks. Active smoking causes a buildup of fatty substances in your arteries, which is the most significant contributor to smoking deaths. 

At the same time, passive smoking can increase your chances by 30% of having heart disease from the chemicals emitted from secondhand cigarette smoke promote plaque development due to the arteries’ buildup. 

Take a stand for your health and safety; stay away from smoke. 

If you haven’t taken a new year’s resolution yet, pledge to take care of your heart today. Use these healthy heart tips to keep your system running smoother and more prolonged. 

Remember, no one but you hold the power to care for your body and happiness. Choose to make healthy choices for the pleasure of your mind, body, and soul. 

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